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Exclusive-April Summers:”Yes, I am supporter of Inter. #Escile? I have my hashtag…”

Blonde hair, blue eyes and a very attractive body. This is April Summers, beautiful English model, actress and TV presenter. April has more 1,2 miliond on Facebook and she is supporter of Inter, soccer team. April has answered exclusive at some questions of the DailyNews.

1) Why are you supporter of the Inter?
I am a huge Inter supporter. When I moved here to Italy last year I wanted to find a good Italian football team to support to keep my entertained. Mancini had just arrived back in Italy after coaching Manchester City in England where I am from . I decided as both me and Mancini and I came to live in Italy at the same time from England, I will support his team, also I think he is a fantastic coach and I loved the way he coached Manchester City.

2) Are you with in love with Roberto Mancini yet?
I have only met Mancini once this year in March. I met Mancini when Inter came to play against my City where I now live Cagliari in Sardegna. But it was a formal greeting where he kindly presented me with tickets for the Inter- Cagliari game . I met him amongst the press and formal team management. I only spoke with him for a couple of minutes. Although he seems kind and very handsome I’m afraid no we are not in love.

3) How did started your career?
I started my career with Playboy and since then I have appeared in 25 world wide issues of Playboy as cover girl and centerfold playmate of the month. Since then I have gone on to do television and many different newspapers and magazines , I am very lucky.

4) Are you in competition with Lucia Javorcekova and Emily Ratajkowski about hashtag #escile?
No not all, I do not wish to compete with anybody. Everybody has their own special qualities to offer we are all very different people so there is no need for competition . However I was very late to enter the hashtag #Escile.
My fans kept sending me many comments and messages to asking me to #escile but I really did not understand what they meant.
After some time I finally saw what everyone was doing and I understood. I felt bad I did not reply to my loyal fans, so to make it up to my fans I have dedicated these past days to #escile on my twitter page april_summerz. I have even made my own hashtag that my fans can use for me which is #escilealnaturale. I am happy to if more Italians can find me with this hashtags as I would love to be more involved and targeted more towards Italy with my projects and followers.

5) What are your future projects?
For my future projects I will continue to model for my fans, I now have 1.2 million fans on my Facebook page , so I must continue for my fans to model lingerie and bikinis. What most hope for is that Italy can fall in love with me the way I fell in love with Italy. I hope I can entertain the Italian audience and make them happy with what I have to offer as an entertainer.

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