Mohammad Usaid Abbasi, talk about himself: from his work to his passions

Mohammad Usaid Abbasi
Mohammad Usaid Abbasi

Today we decided to talk about a person, who put his passion the center of his life and made sure to dedicate as much time as possible. We are talking about Mohammad Usaid Abbasi, a chip designer by profession.

Mohammad works for Intel chip in research and development. He is a patented engineer / researcher and has published a lot of papers in electronics research.
Moreover he has a good understanding of Analog / Mixed Signal designing.

But alongside his work at Intel, he has never hidden his passion for photography.
This passion has grown over time and this is why he decided to devote as much time as possible.

He then decides to quit his job at Intel to start his company and focus more on photography. His passion for photography dates back to the times of analog cameras. Mohammad has understood that his passions can not be repressed, rather convince always to support them, while creating his company and making work and passions go on two parallel tracks.

As a fan of photography, Mohammad can not fail to remember one of his first cameras, the one with which he started everything. We are talking about Yashica. Nikon fans since 2007.
A machine that helped her to carry on her passion but which was also taken up by drones. In fact, Yasica is also used in the photography drone