Christopher R. King founder of CCCXXXIII, a brand that combines luxury with Italian style

Mr King
Fonte: Mr King

Today we are talking about a brand that combines luxury and refinement, or we will talk about CCCXXXIII (Three hundred and thirty-three) and its founder Christopher R. King.
As co-founder, designer and creative director, Christopher R. King brings together his keen eye for detail and passion for timeless luxury to create unique and innovative collections.
In addition, Christopher R. King is committed to preserving traditional craftsmanship and luxury through CCCXXXIII (three hundred and thirty three). Your commitment, which applies through the name of the company,
Mr King has always been careful in offering his customers exclusive items, able to mix Italian style and class with the luxury  of an exclusive and quality fashion.

It is in the perspective of a quality and exclusive fashion that the CCCXXXIII brand adopts the philosophy of producing classy items by skillfully blending the taste and style of Made in Italy with international culture, in order to deliver to each customer a quality garment and luxury items.
Fashion and accessories of quality and value for the man who knows what he wants and how to excel among others, who loves to be noticed, who has the desire to be admired and to have a garment of absolute quality will surely be conquered by the collection.

Not only the man, Mr King has also thought of a collection for women, who know what they want, who wear Italian style and good taste and who do not renounce to quality and refinement throughout the day.

The brand’s website also follows the style and sophistication of the collections it houses.
Refinement, style, luxury, uniqueness, are just some of the bases on which the brand founded by Christopher R King is based.

The brand site is as follows here

While you can find Mr King on social media here